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Black & White Party

Sometimes having a themed party could be just as cool as having awesome effects, such as Bubbles or Smoke. For New Years Eve I would suggest having a “Black and White” Party. It is always a hit and people like dressing up for New Years Eve.

Here are some tips on how to throw an awesome party.

  • Make sure lighting is dim
  • Make sure everything is black and white. I took black and white table cloth and lined my walls and ceilings.
  • Have a variety of music
  • Have someplace to watch the ball drop. (If not people will wander off to watch it somewhere else.)
  • Have food (If people are drinking, they will get hungry and wander off)
  • Be sure to have plenty of surprises that people will be talking about for weeks

 More Helpful Reminders

Be sure to remind everyone to wear black and white. You do not want to show up for the party with a hoddie!

Have plenty of booze! New Years Eve is not a night for kids. It is an adult party and you need to be sure to cater to your adult guests.

Remember, if people are passed out… it is a sign that your party ROCKED!

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